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Single character party

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According to Josh(iirc) some while back, they didn't put in any non-combat checks that specifically requires more than 1 character, so its technically possible, but they don't and won't do any checking to make sure the fights are actually feasible that way.


I'm paraphrasing, but I'm sure you get the drift.

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Is it possible to play with one character? Yes.  Would I advise it? No.  Will the game actually be winnable with one character?  No one has tested to see if it is.  If you have to go one character I suggest Chanter since they get summons and can be fairly tanky.  I don't see any other class having much of a chance solo short of trying to game the system by manipulating AI or the engagement system.

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Thanks for the comments so far guys.


I'll probably do one play through normally then try it with the single character when I understand the finer details in the engine. Was just curious if anyone had attempted anything like it yet through out the beta/press access.

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