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Edition upgrades after launch?

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Sorry if this has already been answered


Will the steam edition upgrades be available after launch (champion edition upgrade, royal edition upgrade)? Im thinking of pre-ordering the Hero edition for now and then on Friday (payday) upgrading if possible. Does anyone know if those will still be available at that time?

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A very good question since I still don't understand what will be my rewards (35$ post kickstarter pledge displaying "game only" contrary to a last post in this forum saying it corresponds to Hero Edition + collector's book and soundtrack...).


At this point, I'm totally lost with the rewards and hope I can upgrade tomorrow if no other products line appear on the backer portal !

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I'm sure you could.

The extras aren't in game items, so I see no reason why it'd be any trouble and it's another product to make money on.

The exception is the pet and ring pre-order bonus, but then that's clearly a pre-order thing.

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I have the "Kickstarter Champion Edition" I would like to be able to upgrade to the "Kickstarter Royal Ddition" like I could do with the regular version, but with out losing the extra kickstarter rewards I have.

The upgrade should be a DLC that adds the Royal Edition bonuses....it shouldn't affect which version of the game you have.


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It seems that as of today they removed some addons from backer portal. Notably soundtrack and expansion addons are gone with many others.

This is what's left there, pretty much just novella, almanac and strategy guide:



I was thinking about buying those addons post launch or upgrading to Champion or Royal edition for fair price if that was possible but now I see I can't do that anymore.


Can you please re-add those addons or at least give us an option to buy tier upgrade for fair price?

I am really interested in Collector's Book addon if possible.



Pretty please?

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