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Strategy Guide in two different colour schemes?

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Heya, question for someone in the know, is the Strategy Guide by Prima being in two different colours a purely cosmetic thing? There is no actual difference to the content whatsoever right?
You might wonder, why do I ask...
I was going to purchase the Strategy Guide locally, so as per usual for me I looked on the website of the store to see if it was stocked... but then I noticed that the colour of the book was different to the one presented in Update #90: Shipping and Strategy Guide.
For reference, the webpage I was looking at (it's brown in colour, like the PoE Guidebook Volume 1 by Dark Horse):
This colour is different to the one that was presented in Update #90: Shipping and Strategy Guide
So, after doing a bit of research it looks as if I've answered my own question**. But I wanted to ask in case I missed something (as I obviously don't own it and seeing it in a different colour to what was presented in Update #90 made me question...)
**Further references:
Both books have the code ISBN: 9781101898239, but are different in colour


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I also wondered about this when I ordered the book from Book Depository.


They are almost certainly the same book and probably the image used by Book Depository is an old one or with a weird effect. 

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