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Hey Guys, A question for you, I just realized I never tried the "expert Mode" with the Beta. 

What's the difference between a playthrough with or without it ?

It says it disables some "helpers", do someone know "which" helpers ?

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Summary: How to determine the difference between Expert Mode and Non-Expert Mode.


1) Start a new game of the Pillars of Eternity Backer Beta.

2) The user will be taken to the game menu options.

3) Click on EXPERT MODE and complete character creation.

4) Begin the new game.

5) From the game menu, select Game options.


The following will occur:


All Non-Expert Mode options will be grayed out on the Game Options Screen.


The user will then be able to observe specific changes from Expert Mode and Non-Expert mode.

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AFAIK in the full game you're able to select which options you want to (dis/en)able of Expert Mode upon starting a game.




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