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Saving throws


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Is there a way to influence how hard your spells are to save against? As far as I can tell it only seems to depend on level; there doesn't seem to be any other way of increasing spell accuracy. Am I right about that?

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General (non-weapon)accuracy I believe affects spells. Eldritch Aim definitely does -





Wasn't there some priest spell that reduces enemy saves?


There are several spells that reduce enemy saves. Anything negatively affecting attributes will reduce saves in fact - which includes fairly common debuffs like dazed and frightened. But if those spells are low accuracy you may not succeed with them, heh.

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There are actually several different kinds of Accuracy in the game, but I think it only shows you one of them based on what you are holding in your hands, so it can end up very confusing.


Any general bonus to Accuracy should affect Spell Accuracy too, but it's again hard to tell what constitutes a general bonus to Accuracy and what doesn't (for example, weapons with +Accuracy doesn't affect Spell Accuracy, but they're listed as just simple +Accuracy).


A lot of things in PoE are a bit counter-intuitive, especially if you're coming from other CRPG:s, and the rules are sometimes.. obtuse to say the least (like fractional DR mods, but the game only shows you rounded numbers, like.. what?).


But afaik let's say you have a hat that gives +Accuracy, I think that should affect Spell Accuracy too (but I can't say for sure, due to the aforementioned issues).


The Wood Elf bonus to Accuracy should also count, but again, there's no way to know for sure without actually trying it. Yes, a lot of rules are very unclear.


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