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  How does this work exactly? When I had heard about being able to kill a mage and take his book thus being able to cast his spells was something that really got me hyped about this game. Just curious. The last few RPG's I've played, the mage was so weak. I'm hoping this isn't the case here.

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There are 2 cases of casting spells of other wizard:

1) Using this spell - Minor Grimoire Imprint - though you wont be actually learning any additional spells.

2) When you obtain a grimoire (from merchant, from killed mage or just found) - there will be some spells - you can learn any spell you want from there (as many as you want) - for some gold (as far as i know the low level spells in backer beta 480 cost 200-300 gold each).


Well, it depends what do you mean by "weak" - mages can die very fast (with traditional mage build - low con/high int), but if played correctly they are indeed powerfull. In most crpg mages are advised to experianced players - as in many games they suck at low levels (but further in game they begin to shine), and warriors are advised for beginers since they pretty much are balanced for entire game. 

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im talking about spells known to you, not prepared for combat in you grimoire. That is true - you have 4 slots per spell tier in your grimoire, but the ammount of spells you are able to choose from to put into the grimoire is different. For each tier there are about 14 spells (at higher tiers about 8 ) each level you get to choose 2 spells you can learn during advancement (except level 1 when you get to choose 4) - so there is no way to learn all spells during advancement ... BUT - wizard can learn all spells and that is from other grimoires. And thanks to variety of spells you can customise your grimoires for any situation.

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