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Puzzles, Riddles and traps others like that.

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I hope the dungeons aren't only filled with hordes of enemies, and combat focused, but filled with booby traps to kill dragons, puzzles and riddles that challenge even the smartest wizard. Like that obe early dungeon in baldur's gate 2 where we must answer riddles from face statues or NWN where we must ring the gongs in correct order


Looking at the steam screenshot it looks like there will be at least 1 dungeon with tile based puzzle. I hope there is many more and really tricky, and not just lever / tile puzzles

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I hope that puzzles do exist, but that they are not too difficult and specifically they don't block off important things. I hope this mostly because I suck at them really bad and they therefore frustrate me to no end.

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Well traps are certain xP About puzzles and riddles - we know that there will be some (there was some video with Josh where he was showing one for us). I dont know how many of them will be there - hopefully many  :dancing:  I also dont know if solving them by simply thinking will be the only way do pass them, or we will be always able to complete them by passing some attribute/skill check.

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