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PoE Rulebook or Manual?

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Sorry i'm not sure if this was asked. Is there a rulebook that will be included in the manual or something? Are there rules in PoE? I'm not quite sure actually. Since it's RTwP, i'm not sure if there's still round or turn. Have it been completely eliminated? Also, are there saving throws, etc. and how it works? Are there initiatives during combat? LIke a Dagger wielding rogue has higher initiative than a Paladin so the rogue will get strike first or something. As for to hit, does it roll any dice anymore? Is it D20 or D100 or whatever? How does damage gets applied, etc.? Does magic fail or magic resist applies?



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There will be a manual with game rules and an in-game cyclopedia (similar to what you'd see in, say, a Civilization game).


There are no turns or rounds and no initiative scores. Action speed is determined primarily by dexterity, weapon type (lighter weapons attack faster), and armour (heavier armour slows your attacks). "Saving throws" don't exist in name, but D&D 3.X/4e's reflex, fortitude, and willpower are still around filling the same space they did in those games, only the attacker always rolls, so instead of making a saving throw against a wizard's fireball, the wizard will instead make an attack roll against the defender's reflex. The game uses a d100 for attack rolls, weapon or spell, which can result in a miss, a graze, a hit, or a crit. There is no penalty to casting while wearing armour (aside from the universal drawback of heavy armour, the decrease in action speed).


Hope that answers your questions satisfactorily.


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