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[480] Cipher: Greater Focus talent not working after reload



(BBv480, linux)


Talent Greater Focus should grant +10 to maximum Focus. This probably works after taking the talent when leveling up. However when I save game and then reload it (tried F8), the bonus is not applied any more.



[How to reproduce]
For example:
1. Start a new game and create Cipher character.
2. Level up and take Greater Focus talent.
3. Save the game and then reload it.
4. Participate in combat with this character by dealing weapon damage, filling up the Focus.


At this point the game doesn't let Focus rise above original maximum. Although if I skip the point 3 (so not saving/reloading game after level up), talent works as intended.


Supplementary picture below shows the moment in combat when Soul Whip ability is deactivated upon reaching maximum Focus (left is directly after obtaining the talent, right the same after reload):


The character here is Cipher at lvl 4.



[Expected behavior]
Talent should provide bonus to max Focus all the time.

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