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so, how did ya'll started liking this genre?

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unlike some of the veterans here, my obsession with the genre only started back in 2011-12. indirectly, it was obsidian that made me a fan of this genre. it all started with new vegas. what i found when playing that game is a whole another new experience back in 2011. i've played dragon age and elder scroll games before, but upon new vegas, it is just really a whole different experience. the world building, NPC complexity, writing, the world and how it react to what you did, it's all just harmoniously blend into one amazing experience.


that excited high school student at the time just opened door to a whole new genre of videogame he's been missing his whole life. i looked up about who made new vegas, and found out it wasn't bethesda, and discovered obsidian, and the connection to black isle guys. wanting more, i looked up fallout 1 and 2 which were made by the key persons of obsidian, and i torrented fallout 1, and tried it for the first time. it was little rough at first. everything looks blurry, controls and interface are clunky, all the complaints "younger gamers" usually have playing olden games.


after 10 hour or so, i weirdly fell in love with that ancient software and from that i began to slowly overlook the muddy part, and found a hidden gem beneath decades old dust in them. after that i started with morrowind, then planescape torment, which is probably the best thing i have ever played at that time, i fell even deeper in love, then the infamous baldur's gate series, KOTOR 1/2, jade empire, fallout 2, NWN and indie titles like avernum. since that i never stopped playing games from this genre. after i finished one games, immediately i moved on to another. though up until last year, like 50% of them were pirated, the others i bought from shared steam account. after i scored a nice part time job,around summer 2014 which gave me quite a disposable income, i started to actually buying my games, and steam started using my local currency really helps alot.


i have played dozens of games, and it still feel like i'm just scratching the surface. there are just alot of wonderful games i haven't experienced and all these is absolutely going to keep me busy for years ahead, even not counting the new games.

Make sure you get your hands on Planescape: Torment its like nothing you have ever seen before.

Lorenzzo Medicci


"Come Vailia , vino ottiene solo


migliorare con il tempo . Perché il suo


modo Vailiano !"

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