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[480] Persistent tooltips when quickload



(linux, BBv480)


If player reloads the game (F8 key), when an ability/item tooltip is currently on screen, the tooltip persists partially to the loading screen, as well as it's still present no the newly loaded game screen. The persisted tooltip doesn't disappear until the mouse hovering over another ability icon.


This happens probably for all the ability tooltips as well as for quick items and weapons in sets tooltips, and also in case of tooltips of special icons of several classes (in the right bottom corner of portraits): Focus (Ciphers), Wounds (Monk), Phrases (Chanters).


The loading screen persistence alone happens also for active effects tooltips (icons next to a party member portrait).


[How to reproduce]
1. Quick save the game by F5. Select a character and mouse over an ability in the ability bar.
2. Press F8 key and observe the tooltip text on the loading screen.
3. When loaded game, there would be probably tooltip window still on screen.


Supplementary screenshots for steps 2 and 3:



In case of active effects tooltips, they aren't present in the loaded game any more, but the loading screen text persistent still happens, see picture below:



[Expected behavior]
No tooltip should persist on loading screen or onto the newly loaded game screen.



In BBv435, there was a bug of the enemy tooltip persistence, which looks like already solved in BBv480:


Perhaps this issue shares similar roots?

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