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[480] No right-click action in weapon sets submenu above the character portrait



(BBv480, linux)

Mouse over the weapon set in the sets submenu on the main screen (above the character portrait) brings the joint tooltip info on both hands equipped items. This is useful. However, the same tooltip says "Right-click for details". When trying to do that on any of the items in the submenu, the game does nothing -- nor any click sound nor showing the items' description windows.



Note: The game also shows the shield info below the club. Unfortunately, this is the best I can do, having problems to take a screenshot of any tooltip.




[Expected behaviour]
When the tooltip prompts for the right-click, it should also provide the right behavior tied to this action. Perhaps provide description windows of both items?

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Weapon sets should behave the same as other action bar items IMO.


You are right.


Yeah, it would be nice to be able to hotkey them as well.




A good point. The same goes for quick items.

Additionally, the game provides the toggle for next character in the Controls menu. So perhaps even a hotkey for rotating through sets would be a good addition in some future patch...

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