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Armored Warfare on Steam

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My.com would be taking a self-inflicted wound if they were to not release the game on steam. But you never know...

"Things are funny...are comedic, because they mix the real with the absurd." - Buzz Aldrin.

"P-O-T-A-T-O-E" - Dan Quayle

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1 I so hope armored warfare does come to Steam

2 I can not use armored warfare's site


to bad I will never be abull to play the best game of 2015, do to me not being abull to use armored warfare site / download and install armored warfare, and my.com just posted to day that armored warfare is not going to come to Steam T_T


Time to go Kill Myself...

Zombies go for me 1st 100% of the time X_X

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and as I get back in after 8 weeks do to dumb stuff I just now have a surprise banned just be cess someone at Obsidian/My.com Hates me and has done everything in their power to stop me from even using armored warfares forums or its game


I just hope and pray to God that armored warfare comes to Steam and that that who ever I Pisst off finds it in hes heart to forgive me


I do not know what I have done to Piss you off, but you win as I am Sorry for what I did to you

Zombies go for me 1st 100% of the time X_X

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