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Hey all!


I know these "choose my class" threads are painful, but as I wasn't around for the beta test, I'm gonna need you scholars to aid me in my quest.


So my favorite game of all time is BG2: SoA and my favorite class by far is the Sorcerer. I love being able to snare and nuke enemies with all sorts of shiny spells and see my enemies laying before me when the dust clears.


Would the obvious choice for this be wizard? I also read somewhere that druids were better for exploding enemies more efficiently from a DPS standpoint. What do you guys think?


Also, any recommendations for a fight/cleric type class. My second favorite would have to be a flashy melee type fighter that can buff and charge in chunking enemies like a pro. I guess pally would be ideal? 


Thanks a bunch all.

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Check out some of my class specific videos I made (scroll down the end of the playlist to find them) and check out their abilities and talents.




I'd suggest a Cipher or Druid in your case.


Hey great vids man! Thanks a bunch! I like how you go over all of the abilities at max level. Good show. I'm really liking the wizzy vids, may have to start that way. Though I have a few more vids to watch so we'll see.


Thanks again!

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