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About the unnatural idle stance

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Is it just me or should something be done about the idle stance in the future? This is supposedly the relaxed non-combat stance, but it looks unnatural and not very relaxed at all. One thing is the wide leg stance, as few stand around with half a meter between their feet, but what bothers me more is the unnatural position of the arms. This looks like a very forced and uncomfortable position, especially when unarmed. Light shields and weapons kind of work imo, but heavy weapons would get incredibly straining on the shoulders and the stance would be impossible to hold for very long.


The solution? Simply move the arms and legs slightly closer and it would look much better and more natural. 


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Young man, there's no need to feel down
I said, young man, pick your loot from the ground
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It's good to play the BB.E.T.A.

It's good to play  the BB.E.T.A.



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