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Does the backer edition of the game come with a Steam key?

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Like the thread title says I was wondering if I am going to be getting a Steam key. It says a DRM free version is included which is nice but I was hoping for a Steam key as well. Didn't find this info anywhere else. 


Thanks guys, looking forward to the game!

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I'm kinda ignorant, on Steam I have games that are both Mac and PC and it allows me to download both, will this work the same way, and what would be the difference on GoG?



Yes, you can activate you Backer key on Steam and you will be able to have a Mac/Windows/Linux version with just the 1 key


If you activate it on GoG it is DRM free - you don't have to be online to play it and it isn't tied to a program etc...GoG also usually gives you a bunch of stuff like soundtrack, desktop backgrounds, digital map and so on


I usually just go Steam for Steam Achievements/gameplay hours tracking and I always have Steam open anyway

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