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Portuguese languages.

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I can play games in the English language. But in this RPG style game with lots of conversation is very difficult.


I say now to developers, if they will see my message(I hope they see). If developers translate the game, for sure will have more sales than expected in Portugal and Brazil. 

And I say more, not only more sales but more fans!


And even if the translation is not developed. ... I will buy the game anyway, because I'm waiting for this game for a long time and in Brazil we have indie translation group for untranslated games, it may take a while, but one day ends up being translated!

(ps: Fallout New Vegas was translated with all downloadable content ... but all the translations were done one year ago.) hahaha


I hope you guys understand me and help me/us.


(sorry for my bad english)

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Yeah, Portugese language question was brought up on this board several times already. Official response was there's still possibility to add it, some people already volunteered to translate in-game texts, only obstacle is amount of testing required to do it before game's release. Nothing new since then.


Here, see for yourself.


I'm pretty sure, though, that if PoE will not be available on Portugese in a launch day, it'll be added soon afterwards without Obsidian's participation if need be.

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Ehy Kyosque, consider that POE wasn't supposed to be transaled in italian in the beginning and italian language didn't figure at all on the avaiable languages;


after a very, very long (about months) medieval-like siege by italian community to developers, they finally decided to include italian language in the game.


So, maybe the same "trick" would work even with you portoguese friends:


just raise catapults and balistas :-)

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