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Can someone with a Beta Key test my o.p. party and fraps it?


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I don't have a Beta Key or I would test this myself. Build six DeathGod Paladins(Kind Wayfairers) with the following 6 skills/talents. Use Poleaxes as weapons for all six characters.

1. Flames of Devotion

2. Weapon Focus Adventurer

3. Zealous Focus

4. Crit Focus

5. The Sword and the Sheppard

6. Bloody Slaughter

Have all six turn on Zealous Focus and slaughter everything in their path.

I'm not exactly sure how the math works out because I don't know enough about the mechanics of this game yet. I don't think there's a limit to the amount of times you can stack Zealous Focus. If not, all six should crit almost every hit with massive multipliers, and all six can aoe heal with Flames of Devotion.

This seems kind of o.p. to me.

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This party would be functional on normal or easy, but on hard or better they would just be meat waiting to get rolled.  Paladins are great support, not so great solo.  One build of paladins 6 times is also about as redundant as a party build in Eternity can get too.

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