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[435] Potion Effects



I've noticed a number of bugs...

1. Potion of minor regeneration was not working properly. 

2. Potion of Ironskin was not properly reducing slash damage on lions

3. Potion of Mirrored Image and Potion of Wizard's Double have the exactly same effects (as least in description). Despite being the same the level 2 version costs more. 

4. You get double items when you craft 1 (I believe this was already reported)

5. Was unable to actually use Potion of Mirrored Image. (Ie character would not drink)

6. Like enchanting there is little feedback when you actually craft an item.


As a Matter of Balance:

7. All Potions of regeneration/Endurance are too high... especially considering you can use 20+ per fight per character and they have no cooldown (not sure how easy ingredients are to get). This is almost as bad as Skyrim pause + eating 1000 cheese wheels to gain health.


At the very least all healing potions should be over time, like Mr. Sawyer's Fallout Mod.


Scrolls also have similar issues. Endurance Potions and Scrolls and game-breakin


8. Enemies apparently are unable to also drink potions. (or sleep at inns, eat food, or enchant weapons and armor) I hate to be overly-critical but when your character can cheese mode fights with massive insta-heal spammable potions. And the enemy can't be bothered. Literally to save his life. It really just feel like the game comes with cheat mode turned on.


Positive feedback: 

9. The animation looks awesome. 



10. Make survival a requirement to craft and use potions. (Like you need a certain lore to use scrolls). Remove increased duration. 

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As a comparison:

Level 1 Spammable Endurance Potions = 50 health (120 usable Per Fight) (6000 total potential healing per fight)

Level 1 Per Rest Priest Heal= 12 health. (4 per rest) (48 total potential healing per fight)


Level 1 Healing Scroll = 10 Health AOE (Spammable, usable up to 120 times per fight)(7200 total potential healing per fight)

Priest AOE heal: 12 (Usable once per fight) (12 total potential healing per fight)



I know the totals are not practical as that would require each character to have 20 potion/scrolls equipped and use them all. And you would run out of health before you could use them all. But it points out the level of potential abuse. 

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Crafing itself actually used to be a skill, but it was removed (as a skill, but the mechanics remain).


They also used to be tied to workbenches/labs - which I think I would have preferred, as it worked well in BG2 / KotoR2, but they went with craft/enchant anywhere instead.


I second a balance pass on potions (considering that since healing spells have been nerfed too much, they're not really worth using, if they're a per rest spell).

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