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Eternity 2 and stronghold

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So if POE 2 lets you bring your characters and stronghold over from POE will they have to raze the stronghold to balance the beginning for everyone.

Say(while the party was away an attack on the stronghold destroyed most of your upgrades.) Creating a balanced starting point for everyone. It could also lead into the new campaign as the attack was from the new mapped area they want you in. 

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It's not required really. Say, hypothetically, you go on an expedition to the Living Lands, you could easily have the stronghold still be standing. It makes very little difference if you have a castle thousands of kilometres away. Depending on the context in which you get the stronghold in PoE people might consider your character part of the aristocracy or something, but the fact that it exists wouldn't be able to interfere in those circumstances outside of how it makes people think about you. If they wanted a new stronghold in PoE2/PoEX, you could easily be setting up a frontier town or equivalent.

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Haha, another POE2 discussion before the 1st one is even out.


I don't think the carrying over of the stronghold is a serious issue. Besides the method CottonWolf mentioned above, POE2 could center around completely different characters. It may only take place in the same world. I think I would prefer that. After POE1 and a few expansion sets, surely they will have got all the storyline they can out of the current protagonist? 

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Games with spoils from a previous game give you a "standard loadout" if you don't import from the previous game. This a problem that has been solved many times before. So you get a standard Stronghold in the case of Eternity instead of a customized one.

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