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[435] Distance of spells and the spellcasting icon with a footprint



Tested with BB Priest on a linux build:


[Description of the issue]
For tested abilities (see below), which operate on a longer than close-range distance, there is an inconsistent behaviour of the character AI (an actual movement) in comparison to the spellcasting cursor change to contain a footprint (to indicate a need of movement).

-> So the character can actually fire a spell on a slightly larger distance than the cursor indicates.

[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]

1) Choose a BB Priest and some distance spell;
tested spells:
-- AoE spells: Instill Doubth, Divine Terror, Restore Light Endurance
-- single target: Divine Mark, Halt, Barbs of Condemnation

2) Point a targeting cursor barely on/over the edge of the spell distance (just where the cursor changes to contain a footprint);

3) Activate the spell;

4) And observe that the character didn't need to move from the original spot to fire the spell, despite of the icon indication...



[Other remarks / Comments]

Probably bug in the icon change?


May be related to these issues:




Althrough, I can reproduce it consistently.

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