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No sleep for the watcher (ARG?)

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at the bottom of https://eternity.obsidian.net there is a green orb which links to a different page every time you refresh it.

After a few refreshes it points you to http://www.nosleepforthewatcher.com/ which appears to be just a single .jpg file


I checked the source code for the page and found this hidden in the comments:

    <!-- This world wants to drag us down, it does. It made you a Watcher. No one asks for that. And the weight, that guilt they want to hang around my neck, you don't have to carry it one more step. You think they won't let you rest, but it's not up to them. It never was. -->
    <!-- E T E R N I T Y -->

Has anyone come across this before? What does it mean? is there a hidden Pillars of Eternity ARG i've stumbled across?


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