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Only digital game?

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Erm, you know DVDs are digital, right? It's right in the name: Digital Versatile Disc. If you want an analogue version you're going to have a bad time: Computers are all digital. All the actual physical signals are analogue! But they represent discrete states, i.e. digital signals.


Your chance of getting a non-digital version of a computer game always has been and always will be, absolute zero.


Now, if you want to have it on a physical medium, like a DVD … do people still have those things in their computers? B-)

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I really doubt there'll be a console version. I'm having a hard time thinking up an even half-arsed control scheme for combat. Certainly not in real-time. (Granted, I haven't played a lot (read: any) of Bioware's recent RPGs - not entirely sure how they fare, but smaller parties and companion AI, right?) Combat is Pillars of Eternity (and the older IE games) are kinda RTS-like, even with pause. Only console game I can think of that did that sort-of right was ... uh, Pikmin? Wasteland 2 is a lot easier by comparison - turn based combat gives a lot of leeway.


Anyway, we haven't heard much of the Retail / Boxed copy editions for Non-Backers. I do believe they exist, though. Saw it was up for pre-order on some European  Amazon sites. (UK & Germany). I'm sure more info will appear in the coming week or so.


Steam preorder page is a bit of a mess too.

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They said no console version at all. For what?

Never say never. Look at Wasteland 2. It's going to the consoles. Look at Divinity Original Sins. They are constantly flashing the xbox and ps controllers in their interview. Pillars will eventually goes to consoles anyway. Just hope when it sells big, and PoE2 announced for multiplatform, pray hard PC version especially the UIs and Menus are not gimped for parity as well as spells and tactics.

I really like physical for PC games especially games like PoE. But PC gaming has gone to the trend of digital and hoping a physical PC version in my country, that's certainly not going to happen. So Steam and GOG are the only options for me.

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And again, Wasteland 2 and Divinity: Original Sin have turn based combat. That works with a controller, no problem.


Can you give an example of any game with PoE / IE style combat on a console that isn't terribad? I wouldn't mind seeing Pillars of Eternity show up on consoles, I just don't see it happening with this combat system.

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