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Crafting UI


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Couldn't find a thread for this:


I lke how the crafting ui is working currently. I would just like to change one aspect of it:


When you are scrolling through the list, everytime you expand a list, the list goes back to the top.

Firstly, it would be better if the categories were similar to the talent lists in that there are a few categories at the top:

Food | Potions | Scrolls | Other?


And then each category would have levels underneath.




Food | P1 | P2 | P3 | S1 | S2 | S3, etc where P and S are potions and scrolls respectively.


and then to have each item underneath those categories.


Furthermore, the right-hand side of the crafting screen could also use a little work. Most of the information on that screen should easily fit on the side without the need to scroll. It seems that the font percentages do not effect the font sizes in the crafting screen and so the item stats are different font sizes than the item description and the requirements. Three different sizes. Completely unnecessary.

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