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[392] Sudden Death Bug



Steps to reproduce:


1. Beat your mage (with your party members) till he's got 1hp left (so 1 true hp and 1 stamina)

2. Save game

3. Exit to main menu

4. Reload that game


=> After a second or two, you'll receive a death screen.


I reproduced it again just to be sure and recorded the process while doing it, so just in case here's the vid.


IE Mod for Pillars of Eternity: link
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Thank you both for your posts and videos. For the death screen bug at 1 Health/Endurance, it doesn't look like this issue is occurring on our most recent builds. We've made a lot of changes to how the Death screens populate and are checked for, so it looks like this might have been fixed.


As for the Unbroken ability, that issue was reported by internal QA and was recently fixed.


Thank you for your support and please continue to enjoy the beta!  :thumbsup:

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