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Pre-Loaded Ranged Weapons?

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I don't have access to Backer Beta and I'm not entirelly clear on the mechanics of ranged weapon reloads.


Does the game assume the characters are carrying pre-loaded weapons? Is the action sequence Fire-Reload-Fire-... or Load-Fire-Reload-Fire-...?


Does it depend on the weapon type? It wouldn't be very realistic to pre-load bows. On the other hand opening combat with firearm volley is definitely something I'd like to see.

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It does not assume. They will automatically reload their weapons if not ordered to do something else. If you're rockin' firearms, it's very important to pause after the battle to reload them so they're ready to fire at the opening of the next one, because the reload time is so slow that they're only really useful for an opening volley (but damn are they useful for that!)

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