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[392] [Barbarian] Offered Bonus Frenzy on levelup without having taken Frenzy



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Class Talent.


Then it might be working as intended, because you conceivably be in the situation where you haven't taken Frenzy yet, but intend to, and want to spend a Talent to get an extra Frenzy. If Bonus Frenzy doesn't show up until you have taken Frenzy, you may end up in the situation where you are forced to "waste" a Talent that could conceivably have been spent on something (Frenzy) that you consider worthwile to the build.


At the very least, though, the Talent should explain that you need the Frenzy Ability in order for the Bonus Frenzy Talent to do anything (although it should be pretty self-explanatory, you never know...).


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