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Wizard musings

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So I rolled up another wizard. Made this one a dedicated disabler/crowd controller. Orlan, pumped Int-Per-Res, dumped Con. Tried to explore the spell selection and use them creatively and in combos with BB Wizard's damage-dealers.


It was surprisingly fun and highly effective. The wizard's a lot better than it was in the early builds as well.


However... I still think the spell selection is too restricted. It's basically damage, area debuff, and (mostly defensive) self-buff. The latter BTW I find fairly useless; I tried making a front-line wizard using them, and it was not effective at all. I was spending most of my time self-buffing, and I used up my spells really quickly.


I would very much like to see a few more summoning-type spells (there's one at this point) as well as some charm/dominate-type ones. They could well be, say, one spell level weaker than the corresponding cipher and chanter abilities, since we wouldn't want to tread on their toes.


The wizard however is still limited by the spell selection in the grimoire, and in DnD it was an extremely versatile magic-using class who could do pretty much anything other than heal.


I.e., please broaden the spell selection.


I would also suggest dropping the possibility to swap grimoires in combat. The cooldown is an ugly wart not in line with the rest of the mechanics; four spells per level is plenty, and there's Minor Grimoire Imprint for emergencies.


Edit: also, what's with Bewildering Spectacle and Confusion? By the descriptions they're identical except that Bewildering Spectacle (level 2) has 50% longer duration than Confusion (level 4).

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Minor Grimoire Imprint is simply not good. It costs a per day spell, and then you get a random one from their spell book - that's a per day spell slot used for one encounter that only has a chance of being useful for that encounter, and an action you made that didn't do any damage. I'd rather just pick another AoE damage spell myself than use it.

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