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A Plea for better communication of changes/better patch notes


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Patch notes are a lot of work to write. I've done a few myself. You don't just dump whatever's in the issue tracker and go with that. I'm sure it took @BAdler a while to do the ones for 392, with links to the relevant threads and all.


I think if I mentioned all fixes in all versions of TSLRCM I would have gone insane... and created an unreadable mass of text no-one in their right mind would go through. Not to mention a lot of times you just go fixing, and don't want to keep a list and keep going, and then need to back-track what you fixed. And what if 5 different fixes where in the same file. Do you list all 5 (useless clutter) or just said you fixed stuff (unclear for user what changed). Etc. etc.

But I think you probably already knew, just putting it out there.


I am an avid Dota 2 player as well (6 years) and having patch notes is just a feature we all expect when balance changes occur.


A singleplayer RPG should be no less the same, especially when we the backers made it happen. We should be given the opportunity to see detailed patch notes. Larian Studios released detailed patch notes during steam early access for Divinity Original Sin. Why can't Obsidian do this? 


They weren't all-compassing either. Especially with larger overhauls of stuff they just mention that it *had* been changed, not precisely to the how (as this thread asks) so we had to check out ourselves what exactly the new stuff was and if it was an improvement over the old system or not.


I can't really believe making that list would've been easy either, breaking stuff and then fixing it between versions released to the public. What was fixed that was never broken in the open beta in the first place, and what was just fixed in internal versions that never saw light outside Larian? Just summing up a list of what's in the bugtracking software would thus list many issues fixed which players didn't even experience, so just using that can't be used as release documentation.




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