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[392] Skaen Cultist infinite skill trigger



[Description of the issue]

When engaging battle with a certain type of the Skaen Cultists in the Dyrford Ruins they use a skill that seems to cause an infinte loop. The targeted character is surrounded by a violet/black starshaped aura and violet/black balls seem to shoot towards him from off-screen. This causes stuttering and sound tearing. Aditionally the log is being bombarded by a dozend actions per second.

From what I could make out it seems to be a skill used by cultist using a bow. It was always my BB fighter that was targeted.

The loop ends when the NPC that used the skill is killed but the loop can break the log and it keeps inifintly scrolling.




1) Load attached savegame

2) Select BB Fighter and move foward until first group of cultists is encountered.

3) Upon entering combat the effect should trigger as soon as the cultists react.

4) Kill the cultists.

5) The loop stops.



EDIT: Hope that is the right savegame. It should start you out in the flooded cave where the stone beetles were.

213af5a131e743cda8e7028a7338524b 7804866 DyrfordRuins.zip

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