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[392] Total enemies defeated not calculated correctly





 "Total enemies defeated" on the party section of the character sheet is less than the sum of "enemies defeated" for each character. (Trivial bug? Serious Mutex problem? Other?).  


 E.g., after killing Medreth and Co. on Easy, "Total enemies defeated" = 0, sum of "Enemies defeated" over all characters = 3 (which is the correct number unless the ranger's animal companion is supposed to be counted). 


Expected behavior:


 The two numbers should be equal or, if enemies killed by summoned creatures are not counted for the summoner, the sum could sometimes be lower than the "Total."  Both the sum and the "Total" should be the actual number of enemies defeated so, of course, the "Total" shouldn't be zero after defeating three enemies (as mentioned above).

(And, program should crash with an assertion failure if/whenever those two numbers are not equal.)


To replicate:


1. Load any save (or start a new game and get into some fights)

2. Hit "C" to open the character sheet.

3. Look at "Total enemies defeated" on the party section on the right.

4. Click the "personal" button.

5. Cycle through all of the characters in the party and add up their "Enemies defeated"

6. The sum (computed in line 5, above) will be greater than the "total" (read in line 3, above). The sum is correct at the beginning, though I haven't verified that it is always correct. The "total" is clearly wrong.




 "Total enemies killed" used to be too high (that is, it was definitely higher than the actual number of enemies killed) instead of too low. Between August and now there was probably a bug fix that attempted to fix this problem: 



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