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I am going to start with the Captain Obvious stuff:

In Pillars of Eternity, each character "Levels Up" individually, getting their own screen time when you click the "Level Up" button.

It's standard procedure, typical of any RPG. Nothing out of the ordinary really, solid, stable, traditional and usual routine in RPG's. If one complaint I suppose it would be that it's not a "Character Sheet", like the Infinity Engine games simulate much better, it is a typical Character Creator.

However, something got me thinking writing this post (PotD Difficulty Thread). Skill synchronizations, attributes, and so on and so forth. What I want to suggest is having, in the Level Up screen, a button or a window somewhere in that large empty space of a UI (look! So much unused space, you could fit several windows in there) where you could see what attributes/talents your other party members have as you level up.

This will make it much easier to compare stats, attributes, and build each character differently. Hover over portraits that could show the basic information, abbreviated, so that the Player can optimize their party in the least tedious possible way.

The [button] wouldn't need to be big, but the hover over "tooltip" box or button click should be on-screen, so that the Player doesn't leave the "Level Up" screen when comparing stats. It could open a pop-up window with an "X" that you could quickly close as well. The point is, the Player shouldn't be cycling back and forth between the screens, which takes me to another topic "Inventory".

I can achieve this in several ways already, I can write down each characters stats on paper, or on notepad, tab or take my attention away from the screen, and optimize my party this way. I can also study, research and figure out each characters value, and memorize it all on the go.

- Idea: Having either an hover over/button/portraits of other party members, to be able to quickly compare statistics and builds (for optimization purposes) when leveling up.
- Already existant solution: This already exists if the Player takes a pen and paper or notepad and studies/researches the statistics, or begins to memorize the characters, and optimizes from memory.

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