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[364] Stealth and its abusability



[Description of problem:]

Currently, the stealth mechanic is a little abusable in that characters with very high levels of stealth (the bb rogue) can continue to stand near enemies without having to worry about being spotted as the filling of the yellow circle is too slow and not dependent upon how close they are to enemies. In fact, standing in certain positions next to creatures will not trigger the yellow circle filling at all (behind a beetle, for example).


[steps to reproduce:]

1- Enter the Skaen temple from the tanner's shop.

2- Your bb rogue should be in scouting mode.

3- Try to get past the beetles. It is fairly easy to do and the distance between your character and the creatures does not change the rate at which the yellow bar is filled.

4- Position your bb rogue behind the first stone beetle that is in the water (on the right hand side). If the beetle is facing southward, and you position your rogue north of him, the yellow bar will not fill for several seconds.


[What should happen:]

The stealth yellow bar should be a function of how close you are to an enemy. The closer you are, the faster the yellow bar should fill. This disallows players from continuing to stand next to enemies for extended periods of time and makes getting too close riskier.

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