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movement seems off to anybody?


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Character models still jerk/microstutter often when walking (probably game hiccup microstutters, can see the fps flunctuation) and they move like a droid army. I have requested that a tiny random delay be added to movement to fix this, but no dice. Can kinda guess why - because of the derpy engagement system.

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when they wlak it just seems kinda weird to me?

Animations quality. There were few posts about it already. But I doubt we will see that improved before the release.

Thoug I'd love to have this polished to feel natural - IMHO high quality of animations is something that's universally good for the game, sadly PoE doesn't excel in that departnment, though overall it's not as bad as in some other isometric RPGs... I guess I can live with current stuff... but yes, you are right, it is off..

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If they want to actually work on this, different races should have different gaits in the first place. They've tried to saving animating time by using the same "skeletal" animation for all the races, but anyone who understands physiology would know that a short stocky character would move very differently than a tall character.


This would obviously take time and attention to detail, which I doubt would occur. something about money and not enough time and other things to fix.



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