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[364] Big Head Mode destroys 3D renderer



[Description]: AFter starting a game in normal mode, if you select big head mode from the options menu and play for a while the renderer will start to crash, slowly whittling away at all objects. You start to get the item disappearance bug again, your chracter doesn't show up in the inventory screen, and npcs start to disappear from the map (with their weapons still showing).


[How to reproduce]:

1- Start a new game with normal head mode.

2- Run around a little.

3- Activate big head mode from options screen.

4- Go to inventory screen. The first character that is currently selected should show up correctly.

5- Now click on a different character. At this point, your renderer has broken. You will see a static screen of a small-headed character.

6- Exit inventory screen.

7- Every time you now enter a new map, the creatures that use the 3d renderer will no longer be visible.


[Expected behavior]: Big head mode should not destroy the renderer. You should be able to toggle between big head and regular head mode without difficulties to characters or glitches in game.


[Additional comments]: Big head mode makes a lot of the other graphical glitches with helmets visible. For example, the positioning of helmets of elves and orlan as well as the tufts of hair sticking out of the back or side of the helmet become obvious. This was why I was playing with big head mode in the first place.

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