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Comparison UI in shopkeeper menu; feedback



[Description:] As Gairnulf had mentioned in http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/69558-364-ui-for-comparing-items-in-shops-could-use-some-feedback-improvements/ , the shopkeeper UI still needs some work with regards to showing who the selected character is.


Additionally, the mouse-over comparison UI that is used in the inventory UI would also be very helpful when purchasing items that are equippable so that a quick comparison can be done between the item currently equipped in that slot and the item that the player will purchase. This would follow the same UI as found in the inventory UI.


Furthermore, some additional changes have been mentioned in this link with regards to how the UI information is presented: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/69556-in-answer-to-a-high-priority-feedback-question/


[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]


1) Open the shop interface with the armourer

2) Left-click the portrait of one of your characters

3) Examine some of the armours he is selling via mouse-over. You will get only a single box that gives you that information at a glance.

4) For comparison you have to right click the item then click the "Compare" button.

5) Notice which armour the examined armour was compared to. It was the one belonging to the character you clicked.

6) purchase an armor. Go to the inventory interface

7) Select the same character and mouse-over the armor that you just purchased. You will notice that the mouse-over at a glance information now shows both the equipped armor and the item that you have just selected.


[Expected behaviour]

The same UI of comparing two items that is present in the inventory UI should be present in the shopkeeper UI.


[Other remarks / Comments]

The whole presentation of the two items can still do with some additional iterations to make the information understandable. For the first 5 minutes I kept thinking that the items were showing the wrong descriptions when I was mousing over in the inventory screen because it shows the equipped item on the left box. It might be better to show the equipped item on the right box as players automatically look at the first box visible (the one of the left).

My blog is where I'm keeping a record of all of my suggestions and bug mentions.

http://hormalakh.blogspot.com/  UPDATED 9/26/2014

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