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[364] Scooby Doo Effect In Dyrwood Ruins



[Description of the issue]

The secret door in the portion of the Scaen temple that's opened after talking to Wymund doesn't look any secret when viewed from the other side, where the stone beetles live.


[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]

1) Reach the stone beetles section of Dyrwood Ruins.

2) Take a look at the wall in the northeast corner.

3) You visually spot there is a secret door.


[Expected behaviour]

You shouldn't visually spot there is anything peculiar about that part of the wall (ideally).


[Other remarks / Comments]

This is a minor issue, but since I've heard Josh Sawyer explicitly say he is fighting this effect, I thought it may be important enough for me to post a bug report.

Also, I couldn't resist:


A Custom Editor for Deadfire's Data:

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