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PS3 Bug: After Underpants Gnomes, Cannot Recruit Goths/Girls



I'm playing Stick of Truth on the PS3.

Before deciding between Kyle's faction and Cartman's faction to recruit the goths, the New Kid's parents ground him for bedtime. The Underpants Gnomes' questline then initiates. After completion, however, Kyle and Cartman have already formed an alliance and request the New Kid to now recruit the girls.

But when I head back to Kyle's backyard to have the abortion records translated, he prioritizes that we recruit the goths by "climbing the treehouse." The option to push X and send a text/tweet to the goths is not available. So I cannot continue either questline: "Recruit the Goths" or "Recruit the Girls".

Can someone please help? I don't have any saves that pre-exist the gnomes.

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