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[364] I Think This Inventory Behaviour Is Confusing



[Description of the issue]

When I have one character selected and visible in the inventory screen, but I click an item in another character's inventory and pick it up from there, by dragging or clicking, I think the character in whose inventory that item was should be come the selected character in the inventory screen.


[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]

1) Open the inventory screen

2) Select character 1

3) Click an item that's in the inventory of character 2

4) Character 1 remains selected


[Expected behaviour]

Once you've picked up an item from character 2's inventory, I believe it's more intuitive to have that character active in the Inventory screen.


[Other remarks / Comments]

I decided to post this for your consideration after I noticed I am about to equip a grimoire in my Rogue's quick slot. It was especially deceptive because once I picked up the grimoire, my Rogue's quickslots got highlighted as if something useful would happen if I equipped it :)


To expand my reasoning a little bit, once a player has picked up an item from someone's inventory, he can either 1) put that item in the stash; 2) or equip that item on that same character from which he took it; 3) or equip it/move it to the inventory of  some other character. If the active character in the inventory screen is always the character whose inventory was last touched, then scenario 2 is always provided for, and in scenario 3 the player only has one more click/drag-drop left to do after he moves the item to character 2's inventory. I think this is more economical and more intuitive than the current system.


I'd also suggest that dropping an equippable item over a character's small portrait in the inventory screen should equip that item. It currently just moves it to that character's inventory and switches to that character. I'd prefer if just putting it into character 2's inventory would switch to character 2, and putting the item on the portrait would equip and switch to the character.


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