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[364] Loot In No-Stash Area Always Goes To Stash



[Description of the issue]

Whn you are in Dyrwood ruins and kill some beetles, or pick up herbs, the ingredients always go to your stash, regardless of what you choose in the interface for picking up the loot. This will not happen in Dyrwood village though, where Medreth's gang's loot always went to the characters' inventory when picked up. I suppose the issue has to do with Dyrwood ruins being an area where the Stash can only be accessed when resting.


[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]


1) Go to Dyrwood Ruins

2) Kill a beetle / pick up herbs from the ground

3) Whatever you choose in the interface for picking up, the loot goes to the Stash.


[Expected behaviour]

Loot should go to the inventory of whichever character was selected in the pick up interface.

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