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Load&Save Power Buff



[Description of the issue]

Loading a save game will considerably weaken the enemy.


[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]

Start a new game from scratch and selecting the Hard difficulty, choosing any class.

Save the game, it doesn't matter if you use normal saving or quick save.

Attack the first enemy you see and the game will work as intended.

Now load the save game (normal load or quickload) and all enemies in the area will become extremely weak, both in dealing damage and receiving damage.


Here is a video before loading:


Here is a video after loading a save game:



[Other remarks / Comments]

If you attack the enemy they will also receive a lot more damage from all party members.

Your party members will also barely receive any damage after loading.

If feels like the game difficulty has jumped to Easy, however the difficulty slider has not changed, it is still set on Hard. Switching it around does not fix the problem.

Closing the game and starting it again doesn't help, once you save, that save is corrupted for ever.

I will keep this thread updated when i have more time with more testing, like starting the game on different difficulties, trying it in different areas, with different character background stories. etc.

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Hello Cubiq,


Thank you for your posting. This is caused by a known issue where enemies' weapons and armor were being removed by Save/Load. This caused them to have 0 Damage Threshold (DT) and deal unarmed crushing damage, which made the fights much easier than intended. This issue should be fixed in the next backer beta patch.


Thank you for your support and please continue to enjoy the beta!  :sorcerer:

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