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[301] Stone Beetle Teleport bug



[Description of the issue]

-Sometimes when you begin combat with a Stone Beetle they not realize they are within attack distance, so they keep trying to teleport to the enemy.

-Buggy animation



[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]

-Sadly it's hard to reproduce

-Whether or not it will be bugged is rather random. Sometimes they realize they are within attack distance, sometimes they do not.

After the video ends, i left it like that for another 30 seconds and then the beetle finally realized, on their own, they are actually withing attack distance, and started attacking my character.



[Expected behavior]

Teleporting should stop, once within attack range.

Animation should also happen when burrowing, and there should be clipping with the terrain, so that it looks better, when coming out of the ground.



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