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[301] Summoned spiders cancel Wizard's spells



After using the Ebony Spider figuring and getting my little spider army, BB Wizard spell gets "deactivated" and never "happen" despite losing a spell per encounter. Also the spiders are being "teleported" around, but the combat log suggest they are re-summoned.



- Create new character

- Once in the game world, go in the inventory and select BB Wizard

- Once there, select Ebony Spider figurine and put it into one of BB Wizard quickslots

- Exit Inventory

- Select BB Wizard to be able to use the figurine in the quickslot

- select where spiders should show up (anywhere doesn't matter)

- Once spiders are there, move BB Wizard closer to Medreth's group

- Select the fireball spell and watch has the spiders move and the spell is cancelled


In the combat log, you can see

BB Wizard casts [spell]

Widowmaker has joined party

Widowmaker Spiderling has joined party

Widowmaker Spiderling has joined party

BB Wizard deactivates [spell]

Azarhal, Chanter and Keeper of Truth of the Obsidian Order of Eternity.

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