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[301] Ebony Spider Figurine Summons Leave and Rejoin Party During Combat



The Spiders that can be summoned from the Ebony Spider Figurine can become glitchy during combat. When they do so they leave and then get re-added to the party, this will happen frequently and every time this occurs there will be a lag spike and they will warp around while doing so. Leaving and joining the party this way will also reset any orders they have been given.  This behavior has even returned spiders to me during combat that have died.


The behavior tends to start when fighting with the rest of the party in combat. When it is only the set of spiders in combat and the party is standing back these issues seem not to occur.


In addition one of the spiderlings seems to be summoned but is not added to party control ( it has no green circle, it cannot be given orders ).


[steps to reproduce]

1. Get close to but do not engage a group of enemies, save the game.

2. Summon the spiders, notice one of the spiders is not under party control

3. Order the spiders into combat but do not engage in combat with the party.

4. Observe the spiders behaving as normally expected


5. Load your savegame

6. Summon the spiders again

7. Engage in combat with the enemies this time with both the party and the summons

8. Observe glitchy spiders as described above.


[Expected Behavior]

Summons should remain under party control for the duration of an encounter, they should not leave and rejoin nor warp around. Knocked out summons should not spontaneously return back to consciousness.

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A shame, the two item summons ( a group of spiders and a single beetle ) are highly useful and were instrumental for me for defeating a number of Path of the Damned encounters. They tend to be fairly tanky especially the beetle and even if they are not sending in a wave of summons first can seriously help with ensuring the first wave of horrible spells doesn't land on the party.

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I noticed the spiders summoned with the figurine will vanish once combat is over, then when you encounter another mob elsewhere in the map, they re-appear and rush to the scene. Not sure if that's by design. Are they per-encounter, per-rest, or....?

Ask a fish head

Anything you want to

They won't answer

(They can't talk)

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