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[301] Name textbox flicker when switching back to PoE



When creating a character, on the screen where you are prompted to enter your character's name, click to activate the textbox (insertion point blinks).


Then switch out (Alt + Tab). (I switched out to Google Chrome to look at these forums ironically enough).


When you switch back, the character name "vibrates" briefly--like the insertion point is blinking off and on wildly for a few seconds.  This lasts longer the longer you are away (maybe it's picking up the keystrokes I was typing while switched out?) Then it returns to normal. I can also type to stop the blinking.


Not a big deal, but thought you'd like to know about this quirk.


PS - I tried selecting "Character Creation / Adventurers' Hall" for this topic's tags, but the forum told me "Tags incorrect, they must be between 2 and 30 chars."

Ask a fish head

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