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Engagement Mechanics



[Description of the issue]

-When the enemy disengages from your party member, they will hit your character with a disengagement attack instead of be the ones to get hit.

-Enemeis can pass the fighter without being engaged.

These videos show a lot of buggs happening, so it's best to read the disciption below each video.


[Other remarks / Comments]

The Cowled Man is the one with the hammer

The Cowled Woman is the one with the musket.

I tried this again with the enemy party near the Dragon Egg, and it had the same effect as shown on these videos.



[Detailed examples]

Here is the first video:

What happens is I used my mouse to attack the Cowled Woman, however because the Cowled Man is near her, my fighter decides to ignore my order and attack the Cowled Man, thus engaging him.
After he runs past, my fighter gets hit by the disengagement attack. (The lag in the hit is pretty huge, I don't know if my fighter could even re-engage the enemy if it worked properly)
Meanwhile this all happens the Cowled Woman passed without even getting engaged, even though she was the main focus of my attack.


Second video:

Here I also attacked the Cowled Woman with the musket first. However as the Boar passed, my fighter decided to ignore the order and automatically attacked the Boar as it ran past. I tried to manually attack the Cowled Woman again, however my fighter was recovering from the auto attack he made on the Boar and didn't bother to engage her. As the Cowled Woman got too far, I tried to engage the Cowled Man, and that's when I took the disengagement hit from the Boar, allowing the Cowled Man to pass unhindered.


Third video:

This one shows the bug the most.
What I did, is just let the fighter stand in their path and not attack anything.
What happened is the Boar ran past my fighter and then performed a disengagement hit on my fighter, while he was standing still.



Extra video: These are here just to see some more examples of the same bugs

Same as the first one. I attacked the Cowled Woman first, my fighter decided to ignore my order and attack the Cowled Man, while the woman ran ahead without any engagements.


Extra video 2:

Tried to attack the Cowled Woman again. My fighter decided to attack the Boar first. After that i tried to engage the Cowled Woman again but to no avail. However what did happen was that my Fighter actually managed to engage the Cowled Man on his own, as he ran past him. (It happens very rarely that you can actually engage 2 characters as they pass you)

However it was again my Fighter that got hit by the Cowled Man's disengagement hit
After that the Boar also does the disengagement attack, and then performs another hit on my fighter again for some strange reason, as shown in the log.

You can see the Cowled Woman stop in this video, however this is mainly ecause the AI has failed her.

From what i can tell from testing is that she appears to be trying to use the musket and failing.



[Expected behaviour]

The enemies should not be able to run so closely past the player fighter without being engaged.

The disengagement attacks should hit the enemy not the player.



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My goodness that is DISGUSTING. Nice find.


I also reported the party AI issue, which I think has something to do with engagement




My understanding from reading the Update 44 Melee Engagement Kickstarter update and other posts that Josh Sawyer has made is that in order to qualify for engagement (that is, in order to be able to qualify for disengagement attacks) you have to be stationary (or !isMoving). 

Clearly that isn't working here.

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Well i think it's working, just the order of who gets hit is wrong.

I've done some more battles and it looks likes it's actually impossible to hit the enemy with an disengagement attack. Every time the conditions are right, it's your character who gets hit, instead of them.

However if you try to run away from the enemy you get hit just fine.


(Except with the burrowing beatles. If they decide to follow the fleeing character with their burrow teleport they won't perform a disengagement attack, when you run away. Trying to repliacte this bug again atm to see if this always happens)



The hits are also impossible to tell when they happen, since most of the time the attacking character will perform no swing animation when doing  disengagement attack.

This needs to be fixed as well.

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I'll just leave this video here.

EDIT: I screwed up on the video coding, if the quality is crap, follow the link to the youtube website, to watch it there.


I just realized that the engagement should be allowed while moving, as this is a mechanic that allows you to catch up to a fleeing enemy. (me in this case)

What should not be allowed though is doing a disengagement attack while moving.



EDIT: I forgot to put it in the title.

This whole thread shows the videos from the version 301

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