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[301] BB Fighter is stealing my character sheet




When opening the character sheet, Charname's character sheet is part her own and part BB Fighter's. It has her attributes, her skills, his portrait, and his talents.



  1. Start a new game
  2. Make Charname start hitting BB Fighter*
  3. Open character sheet
  4. Observe that it's all jumbled
  5. Switch characters to BB Fighter by clicking the arrow
  6. Switch back to Charname's sheet
  7. Observe that BB Fighter has taken over part of the sheet

*Don't know if this is actually necessary or not.



[Expected Behavior]

Charname's character sheet should show her own full sheet. BB Fighter can stick to his own sheet.



What Charname's sheet first looked like:



Switching over to BB Fighter's:



Switching back to Charname's:




... BB Fighter.... that bastard.


EDIT: My Charname is a Barbarian. So those are definitely BB Fighter's talents.

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Note - tested some more, this doesn't seem to be limited to BB Fighter. Seems to be related to whichever non-Charname PC I had selected last. So if I select BB Wizard, then open the character sheet, this happens:




BB Wizard's character sheet, as expected - but if I click over to my own character sheet, this happens:




Which, as you can see, is some weird combination of my Barbarian's character sheet and that of BB Wizard. Note that this time, the initial jumbling shown in the OP didn't happen. This is from the same save file, however.

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