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Will there be another south park game from Obsidian?

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Having played Stick of Truth I can safely say that I would throw money at Obsidian for a Futurama RPG -- All in all, I hope to see more titles like this that aren't just isometric kickstarted-RPGs from Obsidian. 

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Hi there everyone... names lukas, and im new here. However im definitely not new to this game, or entire SP universe.

I decided to replay here cuz i've made an observation and thought i should share it with you all...


It is obvious that all of us fans would like to see more of SP game, cuz its such wonderful and magical thing, with such pleasant interface, and SP world is so climatic and cool... but...

There will be no more SP games in future, nor there wont be any new content to this production... It all originated in painful struggle in which this game was conceived. Another problematic thing is difficulty of distribution of entire content cuz many country censor some scenes in this production and we all know how much creators of SP dont like censorship. So there you go... we are fullish to look up to producers for more SP games, cuz it simply wont happen... If we really want expansion of SP game than we will have to do it our selfs...


Everyone knows that the larges creative power of any game/movie are funs ideas and contribution... Nodes how bethesda games thrive even thou bethesda it self dont really spends a lot of resources and time on creating new dlc to their products.

It's the fans who create hundreds and hundreds of hours of new content to games like Fallout/Skyrim/Oblivion/Morrowind... but... unfortunately for us... bethesda actually supplied their gamers in user-friendly interfaced world editor... obsidian however does not.


And so if we really want to see more SP entertainment (on our PCs and laptops at least) we need to band together and at least attempt to create such editor, which would allow even lesser programing orientated players to unlock more hidden content, and add new objects - items, characters, scripts and quests to this amazing game...


The only question remains is there anyone here who would know where to start such a project?


regards to you all,


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Hi there everyone... <snip>

I think it was more along the lines of the work philosolophy with matt and trey. Video games take months if not years to get down, while matt and trey are usually creating the show last minute. With matt and trey constantly changing the story and adding and taking away new and old ideas up to the very end. Tbh i think once the whole thing with THQ happened, it may have been a blessing because i think thats when they had to actually wrap up the ideas and finally commit. While i dont think the parties are complaining except maybe that jab they did at obsidian when obsidian was hinting at putting the new ideas in dlc so that they could finish the main game. But it is apparent that matt and trey did not like the work philosophy that was so different and not what they were used to with creating their show.



Painful struggle? Citation needed. The only struggle I recall was caused by closure of THQ.


The censoring wasn't done by countries, but by Ubisoft for "marketing reasons".

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It would rather be a waste to make a full game, an expension to this one would be better (though of course that would probably make less money than a standalone or sequel).


IMO of course.




I agree that that is such a stupid idiotic pathetic garbage hateful retarded scumbag evil satanic nazi like term ever created. At least top 5.


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