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  1. Probably not. Apparently not even work is done on patches or DLC. The activity in this forum speaks for itself.
  2. That pretty much depends on your playing style and personal preference. For me that would be Cartman. But just stick to one, it doesn't matter because you don't really need a partner in the game anyways. Especially if you're playing Jew class. Personally for most of the game I was perfectly fine with Butters. But as I said a partner is basically not needed because of the really low difficulty of the game.
  3. I thought there was Steam Cloud support? Your savegame should be in the cloud.
  4. No more patches, no DLC announced...nothing. Did Obsidian abandon this project? There are so many things that need to get patched and the request for DLC is quite big too. Someone explain this to me.
  5. This is really weird, there is really no more comments coming from Obsidian. Are they even working on the several bugs mentioned by people here (including me) or working on future DLC? A little update would really be nice for once.
  6. While I can understand Obsidian is probably busy with stuff, it would be really nice to FINALLY get some feedback from the devs regarding the broken map and the possible addition of ways to get missed stuff.
  7. Oh that's great news, awesome how the little things can have such huge effect. Glad they are working so hard on the game still. Hope they will be able to fix the issue I mentioned in my thread too.
  8. It might be kind of like a last resort, but you might want to consider reinstalling your OS. Even if you know how to keep your system clean and organized it's almost impossible to not get some tiny errors deep down in your system after a certain amount of time. I noticed many similar cases with other games or software, not only on my personal systems. It's worth a try at least. Nowdays it's a lot easier to backup files anyways so a fresh clean start might fix it for you. If not, you at least got a fresh install of your OS.
  9. There is no such thing as AMD G2130, you probably meant "Intel". That's a VERY low end CPU that costs about 50 bucks if not less. As for your GPU, there is no actual Radeon 7760 so you probably either got a laptop or an OEM card. Both are very low-end as well. The name might make you think different but this hardware is really not good at all. So yeah, it's really NOT enough to expect the game to run flawlessly. The cartoon graphics might make it seem like it doesn't need much processing power, but far from it.
  10. It would be great if a dev could at least comment on the issue, whether they know what causes the issue with the broken map, if it can be fixed... (and spawning enemies that use channeling attacks even after the game is over would be great)
  11. I'm not so sure about what you mean here. The cowbell is outside the farm and you will have to ring it (hand symbol will appear) so a cow appears which you can hit. If you're talking about Jimmy's with the flute, you need to have him in your party when you reach the farm.
  12. No there is no way. That's one of the few things that suck about this game. If you miss something, you have to start over.
  13. The most annoying error (map treasures) is still there and it's so annoying. This really won't get fixed, huh?
  14. Maybe you had a gamepad plugged in though? There must be something different with your setup.
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