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Character Art Critiques Part #2



This is a PM to Dimitri Berman which he hasn't read yet, so I'm posting it here so that someone sees it. For any backers viewing this thread - my part 1 suggestions on this topic were actually implemented in the first patch, so please no boobplate rage, cheers.


I have a follow up from my first female armor critique, I noticed you've made some adjustments to some of the armors - leather and breastplate for example, which both look a bit better.

I did some testing in the game where I had a look at how the characters look in the level in different armor sets and in the inventory screen:

My overall impression is that I think a female chest area lower on the chest akin to the chain/scale armor would look the best on most of the armor sets


I notice you adjusted the base model of the leather armor to be more like Padded, here is how the change looks compared to the scale armor, I think a lower bust and more side definition, with some adjustment to the armor textures to represent the curve better would be ideal here.


Here is the full plate, which looks great by the way. Full Plate would likely be the most flattening, but maybe a bit more room in the bust area instead of a sharper incline down the chest.


Cant remember which one this is, but this one is the furthest off, it looks the flattest, I reckon try the chain/scale bust here with more definition at the side


The Breastplate looks noticeably better, also perhaps try a lower bust with the chain/scale


Here's what I'd recommend to try with the Full Plate, perhaps not as far as my very rushed mspaint line


Here's the Breastplate from the side - looks better, but looks like a push-up bra, probably need a lower bust like the pics you showed me that you were taking inspiration from


Chain/Scale/Hide clearly looks the best


Move the bust on this one down like the Chain/scale/hide

- Anyway I'd do the same on all races as well. Dwarves may have some issues though, but currently the rest are all still looking a bit inconsistent.

All of this is YMMV.

Keep up the good work, I also have an earlier PM with Male armor and general character art critiques.


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On some of the pics in your OP:

The last three women viewed sideways - you are spot on. The one in the middle looks perfect and realistic enough - the other two seem to have push-up bras and some pretty big jugs. They need to make all of these like the middle one.


The last two pics of a man in a plate viewed sideways:

The first one, where you haven't drawn a crest on it, has a waist that's too narrow, also the chest is a tad too high.


Your suggestion for the crest would work, as plates from this kind of "era" certainly looked like that.

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Heh! I could've sworn it was a young lad in plate mail!


Well, you got to give it to them - it's starting to get realistic enough - humans dressed up for war usually look more or less the same at a quick glance.

*** "The words of someone who feels ever more the ent among saplings when playing CRPGs" ***


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again i don't understand the fascination with being able to tell genders apart in plate mail and most other inflexible armors. an increased bust -unless otherwise exaggerated, more so than what sensuki is suggesting- is the last thing i would notice when trying to distinguish my characters.



also this isn't a bug.

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